Dressed-Up Reading Canopy

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I’ve been dying to make a reading canopy ever since I saw this beauty at Sew Liberated: Sew Liberated Reading Canopy
The only problem is I wanted to do something that was all my own. I tried to make my canopy like the Land of Nod kind, but it was a mess! Like, really awful. I tried to wrap my brain around trying again, but it wasn’t until I found the perfect round cushion at Ross that I decided to go for round two. Here’s what I came up with:

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DIY Kids Beach Towel Cover-Up

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Here in Arizona summer is in full swing. The days always hit triple digits, and it doesn’t dip below 80 at night. This means that we’re spending a lot of time in the pool. A lot. With this in mind I grabbed a beach towel and committed to make my little one a new beach towel cover-up for an easy way to dry her off without having to worry about her dragging the wet towel all over the dusty outdoor tile.

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Slitted Car Seat Cover/Canopy Tutorial

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Alright ya’ll, hold on to your butts, this tutorial is about to blow you away – this is the ultimate car seat cover tutorial.

This cover is everything a standard cover is and then some; first of all it’s dressed up with some really beautiful lace which gives the cover a really sweet feel. Next, the outer and inner fabrics are adhered together, what this does is it keeps the fabric from shifting and keeps the lines really crisp and clean through the wash. Plus, (with the lace) it adds a little bit of weight to the cover that helps the cover stay down in the wind and gives it a really rich feel. Finally, this tutorial features information on how to create a snap closure for an easy way to peek in on your little one. Basically, this is the Porsche of car seat covers.

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First Day of School

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Tomorrow is your first day of school.

As I gently lay out your clothes for tomorrow, carefully folding them in a neat pile, my stomach twists and turns. Outside I look calm, inside I’m in turmoil. My head races with questions and doubts -  What if you need me? Who will comfort you? Who will protect you?

Tomorrow is your first day of school.

As I lay in bed, my eyes staring blankly into the deep blackness of the night, I pray for peace. Please, God, tell me this is the right choice. Please comfort my heart and give me guidance in this decision. I don’t know if I can do it.

My head is a silent record spinning on a turntable, waiting for an answer.

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DIY Dyeing with Henna {First Timers Club}

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Henna Hair Dye Tutorial DIY for Medium Brown Hair
I had been considering the idea of dyeing my hair for months. MONTHS. Dyeing was something I had been holding out on for ages; after all, 24″ of uber-healthy virgin hair is nothing to sneeze at, but I needed change in the worst way. 3 years of motherhood has transformed me – emotionally for the better, physically for the worse. I wanted to feel that youthful energy again, and in my mind a head full of sassy red hair would do that for me.

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DIY Family Command Center Under $30

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2014 is upon us, and it seems every year I vow to get organized. I’ve been meaning to update our command center for yeeeears, so I’m glad that it’s finally done – well done I might add. The biggest surprise was the price tag, I did the math and realized I only spent $29.28 on the entire project (including an entire stack of scrapbook paper which retails for $19.99 at Michaels.) The show-stopper is the calendar frame made of foam core board! Oh baby, this thing makes my crafty little heart just pitter-patter.

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